Jacek Kasz, PhD, MBA, MSc Eng.
Director, Center for Technology Transfer, Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland
Keynote title: Technology transfer and commercialization from the Polish perspective
Anna Grocholsky Jacek Kasz is managing director at CTT with over 23-year history. He has great long-lasting experience from top management of international companies (RR Donnelley, Euro-Druckservice GmbH, Verlagsgruppe Passau). Jacek Kasz is lecturer of the MBA programs at the Cracow University of Technology, Tischner European University and Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg.

Jacek Kasz’s speech is focused on specific issues associated with cooperation University – CTT – Industry as a part of the commercialisation process.

Center for Technology Transfer (CTT), Cracow University of Technology

CTT team of Cracow University of Technology has had more than 45,000 customers, completed 100 transfers of technology, issued dozens of technological innovation certificates, has conducted hundreds of technological audits. Over the past few years CTT has brought to conclusion over 20 license agreements for commercialisation of research results generated at the Cracow University of Technology.