Ing. Petr Kaštovský
Netcope Technologies, a.s., Brno, Czech Republic
Keynote Title: Success Factors of Netcope Technologie
Ing. Petr Kaštovský Petr Kaštovský graduated at Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology in 2009. Petr worked at CESNET – association of universities of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Since 2010 he has developed business of the spin-off Netcope Technologies as product manager, CTO and currently as CEO.

Awarded Honeywell Innovator and GE Scholar Leader. Developed 10GE FPGA-based DMA controller and Linux device driver. Has led architecture, development, productization and sales of fastest electronic trading solution Tradecope and the world's first 100GE FPGA-based 100GE NIC. Now on the mission to bring innovative acceleration of high-speed networks to make them faster and more secure.

Netcope technologies, a.s.

Netcope Technologies is a leading provider of P4 programmable acceleration for FPGA based high-performance network solutions. It excels in packet capture and processing technologies along with low-latency trading solutions.

Netcope’s visionary concept of Firmware-as-a-Service enables easy programmability of smart network adapters using P4 language without expert knowledge of FPGA chips. It’s a unique way of putting the power of hardware acceleration to the hands of network architects, building SDN and NFV networks of tomorrow. We embrace open source through contributions and membership in P4, DPDK and ONF projects as well as hardware neutrality by working with both major FPGA vendors - Intel and Xilinx.