Anna Grocholsky
Director, Office of Commercialisation and innovation, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Keynote title: Researchers Subconsciously Commercialising; with an Inspiring, Empathetic and Expert TTO
Anna Grocholsky Anna as the Director of the Commercialisation and Innovation is a successful strategist, negotiator and intellectual property specialist. With a materials science background Anna then broadened her skills and qualifications through management and creative problem solving and by studying law and business. Anna is a Harvard Business School Alumni, a registered trade marks attorney and is one of a handful of Australians with the attainment of being a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP).
After successfully specialising in product development at A Goninan & Co, Email Limited and James Hardie Industries Ltd., Anna embraced the challenges of IP and commercialisation moving into roles at the University of Sydney University in business development and IP management. In 2011 Anna established her own thriving business in IP and commercialisation. Clients included individuals, small and medium enterprises and larger companies and institutes.

The Office of Commercialisation and innovation, Macquarie University

As one of Australia's leading research capacity, Macquarie University brings together the best minds in industry, research, and academia. With a team of experts, state-of-the-art facilities and ability to make influential connections they help customers gain a competitive edge in the market. The commercialisation and innovation team of Macquarie University identifies and commercialises new technologies developed by our researchers so that business, industry and the community can benefit.