Mgr. Jan Daňková, M.Sc., MBA
Technology Transfer Centre, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
Keynote title: Trade Mark „Tested in Antarctica“
Anna Grocholsky Jana Daňková works as a business development manager at the Technology Transfer Centre at Masaryk University. Her key competencies are business development, intellectual property commercialization strategy, and licensing contract negotiation.
In her contribution, she focuses on the trademark "Tested in Antarctica", that Masaryk University can grant to certain technologies or products that have been tested and passed in extreme conditions at the JG Mendel Czech Science Station on James Ross Island, Antarctica, which is a benefit for a specific product or technology and its sale.

Technology Transfer Office of Masaryk University

Technology Transfer Office of Masaryk University was established in 2005. The role of TTO is to support cooperation between the scientific community and the industry as well as to help putting research results into practice. Its portfolio aims both at scientists and commercial companies. Thanks to the quality of the services provided, TTO is considered to be the leader in the field.